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Worst Yet To Come In Hyderabad



Worst Yet To Come In Hyderabad

Worst Yet To Come In Hyderabad: Hyderabad: Medical experts in Hyderabad claim that the coronavirus threat may continue for the next three weeks in Hyderabad. They have advised people to remain alert during the period, saying that the COVID-19 situation in Hyderabad is becoming grave day by day and negligence on part of the public will only increase the number of COVID cases.

Medical experts have advised the residents of Hyderabad to stay at homes as precaution and come out only if there is dire necessity. Elderly people and children are also advised to remain at home because they are at high risk. People are advised to avoid crowded places and compulsorily use masks. They noted that social distancing and precautionary measures are the need of the hour.

CORONA Without Symptoms Is Even Worse

Dr. Samiuzzaman and Dr. Mujtaba in separate messages on social media have warned the residents of Hyderabad of the seriousness of the situation. Whether it is office or market use a face mask and follow social distancing, they suggested. Dr. Sami said it is not necessary that every patient should show symptoms. Corona can be deadly without showing symptoms also.

He said people without having a fever or cough are also found to be corona positive. Asymptomatic patients can easily infect others living around them by coughing and sneezing on them. Dr Sami said that all the government and private hospitals are loaded with patients. Many patients with lots of rupees in their pockets are not able to get beds in the hospital. Hence he advised people to keep themselves safe from the virus by taking precautionary measures.

Worst Yet To Come In Hyderabad

Virus can enter into the body through eyes, nose and mouth if they are frequently touched with hands and can damage lungs. Dr Sami expressed fear that Hyderabad is likely to see a peak in covid-19 cases in next two months.

Hyderabad is likely to see a peak in Covid-19 cases in next two months

Dr. Mujtaba also echoed Dr. Sami’s thoughts and said even the beds of casualties department in government and private hospitals have been occupied by COVID patients. They are on oxygen with complaints of breathlessness. They will have difficulty in breathing if the oxygen is removed. The situation is so grave that the patients are waiting on wheelchairs and in the vehicles outside the hospitals to get admitted in the hospitals.

Dr. Mujtaba advised people to go on a self-imposed lockdown for the next 2-3 weeks and not allow any other person to come to their home. Housemaids, cooks must also not be allowed, he said. Coronavirus is taking the shape of community transmission and the virus is spreading like cold and flu. The main cause behind the spread, he said, is the carelessness of the people.

He advised people to keep sanitizers with them besides using masks. Do not shake hands and do not touch the face with hands every now and then, he said. Wudu can keep the hands clean, claimed the doctor. He asked people to avoid parties, meetings, and crowded places. People should also not stay in closed rooms for more than 10 to 20 minutes, he said.

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