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Protests Started In Hyderabad Against The JNU Attack



Protests Started In Hyderabad Against The JNU Attack

Protests Started In Hyderabad Against The JNU Attack: Just in! Hyderabad People started protests at midnight against the brutal attacks on the JNU students on the 5th of January 2020, According to the reports the people here in Hyderabad are coming out in large numbers irrespective of the shivering cold. The protest again started to grip up throughout the entire country.

“Yesterday (Saturday) a mob led by Ritwik Raj who is councilor from School of International Studies belonging to ABVP attacked students. Then they attacked JNUSU President and General Secretary Aishe and Satish and other students. Drip a 1st year MA student leg was broken due to ABVP violence. Today they shamelessly attacked students again injuring a student from JNU’s Centre of Social Medicine and Community Health,” JNUSU’s statement read.

Latest Update

The protest has been stopped because of Police intervened in the proceedings! So I request you guys do not go out as the protest has been stopped. Hope for the best.

Protests Started In Hyderabad Against The JNU Attack

According to various social media reports the people are gathering near Tankbund Dr. BR Ambedkar Statue to register their protests against the brutality of the JNU Attack earlier yesterday. As seen in below pic people marching towards their protest location.

Here we are attaching some videos sent by our followers from Tankbund, Hyderabad.

Protests Near TAJ Mahal Hotel In Mumbai

Hundreds of people in Mumbai gathered near The Taj Mahal Hotel to register their protest against the attack on the students in JNU Delhi.


Protests In Delhi

According to sources all the Jamia students also started a protest against this brutality against the student, not even students this time even the faculty, professors are also being attacked.


This article will be updated as soon as we receive any updates regarding it.

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