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Priyanka Vadra Accuses UP Police Department



Priyanka Vadra Accuses UP Police Department

Priyanka Vadra Accuses UP Police Department: In an explosive charge against UP police, Congress leader and general secretary in charge of eastern UP, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra accused the Uttar Pradesh police of manhandling and strangulating her when she went to meet Congress leader Sadaf Jafar and former police officer SR Darapuri. She accused the police officials of needlessly attempting to prevent her from proceeding further after a point.

Speaking to the media, Priyanka claimed that the UP police first stopped the car in which she was traveling. When she was denied permission to go any further, she said she would walk and they prevented her by trying to strangulate her, she claimed. Priyanka said she went with a party member on a two-wheeler and was stopped by a lady police officer.

Priyanka Vadra Accuses UP Police Department

Sadaf Jafar was held during a demonstration against CAA in Lucknow last week, while former IPS officer SR Darapuri was arrested during a protest rally against CAA in the state capital on December 19. In spite of the attempts of the UP police, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra managed to meet the family members of SR Darapuri and criticised the UP government for trying to prevent her from doing so.

It may be recalled that anti-CAA protests broke out in many towns in Uttar Pradesh, as also the state capital. Some of these demonstrations turned violent. Congress celebrated its 135th Foundation Day today and on this occasion, while Priyanka Vadra attacked the BJP government on the CAA in Lucknow, Rahul Gandhi launched a scathing criticism of the Modi government at a meeting in Guwahati.

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