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Moinabad Detention Camp Reality or Hoax?



Moinabad Detention Camp Reality or Hoax?

Moinabad Detention Camp Reality or Hoax: With the passing of Citizenship Amendment Bill which is now officially the Citizenship Amendment Act 2019. Nationwide protests are being conducted. Against the CAA, NRC and NPR.

From few days there are some photos and videos which are being spread on social media especially in Hyderabad which are allegedly showing a detention center and claiming it to be in Moinabad Mandal of Telangana State. It is claiming that the detention center is being constructed in Telangana Aswell.

Moinabad Detention Camp Reality or Hoax?

So in order to find the truth, some of our followers in the Moinabad Mandal started to investigate with the locals and also personally traveled across the Moinabad and its outskirts. They talked and enquired with the heads, leaders and local residents of the area. They also enquired with the students from various Engineering colleges located in Moinabad.

As per the leaders and locals, it is just a mere try to defame the Moinabad and Telangana State. According to them, there is no such Detention Center that is being built or has completed construction. Even students who are studying engineering since 4 years are not aware of it as they are more adventurous and know the area very well.

What’s Worrify Team’s Conclusion?

Our say regarding the Moinabad Detention Camp Reality or Hoax? is that it is completely a Hoax and such photos and videos must not be shared. We the citizens of India should be careful of what we share and what we shouldn’t.

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