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JNU Students Attacked By Masked Mob With Rods



JNU Students Attacked By Masked Mob With Rods

JNU Students Attacked By Masked Mob With Rods: According to the reports coming straight from the Capital f India Delhi, The students from JNU were allegedly attacked by a masked mob with rods. Completely fresh violence has started in JNU after a peaceful protest against the ‘fee hike’ turned violent after Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) attacked the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) students, severely injuring various students present inside the hostel.

“Yesterday (Saturday) a mob led by Ritwik Raj who is councilor from School of International Studies belonging to ABVP attacked students. Then they attacked JNUSU President and General Secretary Aishe and Satish and other students. Drip a 1st year MA student leg was broken due to ABVP violence. Today they shamelessly attacked students again injuring a student from JNU’s Centre of Social Medicine and Community Health,” JNUSU’s statement read.

JNU Students Attacked By Masked Mob With Rods

JNU Students Attacked By Masked Mob With Rods

According to various sources, The violence started around 5 PM, The people who were wearing masks started entering the Sabarmati hostel during a peaceful protest against the fee hike, News18 reports.

“I’ve been brutally attacked by those who were masked. I don’t know, I have been bleeding. I am not even in a condition to talk. I was brutally beaten up,” the JNUSU president said.

JNU Students Attacked By Masked Mob With Rods

With a bleeding head, the JNUSU president was taken to the hospital while another professor, Sucharita Sen, was admitted to AIIMS with a head injury.

In a statement, the Students’ Union has alleged that “ABVP had been attacking students who are peacefully protesting against massive fee hike in JNU”.

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