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Effect Of CAA Started Getting Limelight In India



Effect Of CAA Started Getting Limelight In India

Effect Of CAA Started Getting Limelight In India: As the citizenship amendment act is now officially passed in both the houses of the Parliament of India and nationwide protests are underway for a month against this act allover India. The effects of these acts are started to get limelight now.

In a recent incident that involved two sisters who are residents of Haryana were denied the Indian Passports on the basis of their Look! According to the girls they were at the regional passport office in Chandigarh where the officers looked at their faces and wrote that they are Nepali. They asked them to prove their nationality.

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Effect Of CAA Started Getting Limelight In India

“We took up the matter with (Haryana) minister Anil Vij, only after which the process of making our passport started,” she said.

According to the Deputy Commissioner of Ambala, Ashok Sharma. He said that the passport officials wrote that ” The Applicants seem to be Nepali” on their documents.

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“One person named Bhagat Bahadur went with his daughters Santosh and Henna to the passport office Chandigarh for the passport. There they were denied passport. The authorities wrote ‘applicant seems to be Nepali’ on their documents,” said Mr. Sharma.

“I took note of this as soon as it came to my attention. After my intervention, both the sisters were called by the passport office and now their passport will reach them very soon,” he added.

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