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Communal Violence Erupted In Bhainsa Nirmal District



Communal Violence Erupted In Bhainsa Nirmal District

Communal Violence Erupted In Bhainsa Nirmal District: According to the reports coming from social media and other sources, some sort of violence has started in the Bhainsa in the Nirmal District of Telangana State. People started sharing live visuals from Bhainsa, Nirmal District in which the miscreants are seen firing the private property.

The reason for the violence is not clear yet! However according to MBT Spokesperson Mr. Amjed Ullah Khan he tweeted that “@TelanganaDGP Sir, please rush extra forces to Bhainsa, Minorities and their properties being attacked by communal elements in which eight persons injured and bikes burnt, Clash occurred after a bike accident. @spnirmal1@KTRTRS

Communal Violence Erupted In Bhainsa Nirmal District

Two groups of people clashed in Bhainsa town of Nirmal district around late in the night on Sunday, January 12. District Superintendent of Police C. Shashidhar Raju and Bhainsa CI Venugopal Rao were injured in the violence and were treated at a local hospital.

According to reports, both sections mutually hurled stones at the Korbagalli locality. Instances of arson were also reported, where three motorcycles were allegedly burnt by unidentified miscreants.

The reason for the incident was not immediately known. Police forces were being rushed to the town. We are attaching some photos which are being shared on social media however we are not responsible regarding the authenticity of the photos.

Communal Violence Erupted In Bhainsa Nirmal District

According to the locals, Big Ijtema was going on in the Nirmal District and lakhs of people were attending it. So the gents were out of their houses. Only Children’s and ladies were there. There is no clear cut news from the Nirmal District and this news is completely based on Social Media Exposure.

Communal Violence Erupted In Bhainsa Nirmal District

We will update you as soon as we receive any more information on this incident.

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