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AIMIM Protest Rally Traffic Advisory



AIMIM Protest Rally Traffic Advisory

AIMIM Protest Rally Traffic Advisory: On the account of decided protest rally named as ‘Tiranga Rally’ and public Jalsa by United Muslim Action Committee (UMAC) in collaboration with (AIMIM) on Friday, January 10 from 12:30 pm to 4 pm at Shastripuram in the jurisdiction of Rajendranagar traffic police limits, traffic obstruction, and congestion is expected in around the venue place and all along the march route from Mir Alam Eidgah to Shastripuram grounds.

To smoothen the traffic and for the convenience of the public as well as the people who are intending to attend the public meeting, it is advised to divert the traffic towards Mehdipatnam and Chandryangutta.

AIMIM Protest Rally Traffic Advisory

The vehicles proceeding towards Shamshabad, Katedan are requested to choose Mehdipatnam or Chandryangutta side to reach their destination and avoid Eidgah Mir Alam to Shastripuram side.

The vehicles coming from Aramghar junction, Katedan Vattepally railway gate may choose Chandryangutta side or other traffic-free points as exit points and requested to avoid Shastripuram while going to the Kishanbagh area.

The emergency vehicles will be allowed at any moment of time. All citizens are requested to take a note on Traffic Advisory, according to it an alternate route to reach their destinations and cooperate with the Traffic Police, Cyberabad.

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